Time 2 Train Aspergers Program     

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

8 - 12 week training programs include

1:1 Training with Certified Specialist | Trainer | Practitioner | Therapist

Time 2 Train Specialists are listed below

Sessions conducted in a safe friendly environment

Sessions can be Indoor | Outdoor ( weather permitting )

Sessions operate for 1 hour duration

( 45 minutes minimum )

Regular Assessments per program

Developing stylised programs

Exercise Training DVD

Suitable for all ages ( DVD 123 / 456 / LUPE

Results & Certificate per program

See improvement between 8 - 12 weeks

* Please use the DVD to practice what you are learning in the sessions to further increase overall improvement.

Certificate of Completion & Results

  • Receive your certificate for completing 8 or 12 weeks followed by a complimentary results graph. 
  • Your child or loved one will be assessed in the beginning and end of each program to monitor steady progress of improvement. For further information or other questions please visit our FAQ'S page.

* Please note, certain students may not be ready for assessment and therefore modifications to the program will be made to ensure appropriate training is conducted.

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Meet the Time 2 Train Team

Jeremy Samson (VIC)

Managing Director Time 2 Train Asperger Program | Lupe Program
ASD | Aspergers Trainer | Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner
Cert III & IV Health Fitness - Cert (MIAAN)
Specialising in all ages with Asd | Aspergers Syndrome

" Working passionately in creating more awareness and understanding of Asperger's to the community. I developed the Time 2 Train Program in 2009 based on tough childhood experience. 

Having Asperger's myself, I understand all the frustrations and difficulties that are associated with Asperger's Syndrome. I studied to learn further about the importance of applied neuroscience, especially in neuroplasticity, exercise, meaningful relationships and life experiences.

Tackle every experience with the privilege of opportunity."

Time 2 Train / Autism / Asperger Trainer Specialists

Specializing in working with all ages on Autism Spectrum


specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Kane Imeson ( VIC )

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome
My name is Kane Imeson and I am a former student of the Time 2 Train program.

Growing up, I played a number of different sports, including football (Aussie Rules), cricket and basketball. I enjoyed playing all these different sports, I always gave my best and at times, played a pivotal role in these teams (including hitting the winning run in a cricket grand final). I am also an avid musician and currently play in a couple of bands.

I joined the Time 2 Train program as a student at the age of 14. Jeremy helped me build my confidence and also helped me develop better social skills as well as skills for various sports. I have also shadowed Jeremy for the last few years whilst studying a fitness course which has helped me develop the skills to become an Asperger trainer.

I chose to join the Time 2 Train team as I really enjoyed my time as a student under Jeremy and developed a lot of skills and I would like to be able to help other people the same way Jeremy helped me.

Simone Sandwith ( VIC )

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome
Hi I’m Simone. All my life I have had a passion for teaching, coaching and helping people. My background in teaching swimming has coincided with this. I’ve helped all ages but mainly children to feel safe, comfortable in the water and to help them achieve their swimming goals. Also I'm a coach and official in other sports from netball to even a race official of junior motocross racing. I have furthered my own career and education, self development to become a certified fitness instructor & personal trainer.

As a result this has led me to the Time 2 Train Program. Using the skills I’ve developed over the years within the different areas of my career. I will continue helping children within Time 2 Train.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of the team. I’m also a graphic designer in marketing and event management. Which spans over 23 years.

Time 2 Train / Autism / Asperger Trainer Specialists

Specializing in all ages on the Autism Spectrum Aspergers Syndrome

Katherine Mackie ( W.A )

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

I began as a home carer where my duties included personal care of service users in their own homes as well as social care and domestic tasks, promoting independence and training of new staff. 

I was later promoted to supervisor where my duties expanded to include liaising with the multi-disciplinary team and service users families, rostering staff, the on-call system and basic admin duties. 

When I learned about Jeremy's program.I was extremely excited to be apart of the program. After speaking with Jeremy, I am excited to be on board in bringing this program to W.A to help support the autism community.

Elly Johns ( VIC )

Community | Life Skills Educator 
specialising in Autism , Learning Difficulties
I’ve worked for numerous years doing rec respite, I completed my integration aide qualification and I’ve worked in Out of School Hours Care.

In recent years my work with children has included ISP, School Holiday Program and weekend camps.
Currently for my main job I work at an adult day service where my primary role is to facilitate community access and life skills development.

Time 2 Train came on my radar late 2018 when a story of Jeremy and his program aired on 7 News. His philosophy around physical activity and executive functioning skills really intrigued me. It seemed to be a very logical approach to reducing anxiety and empowering his students to develop social skills. As such I was absolutely delighted when Jeremy offered me the opportunity to come onboard his team.

Kimberley Spencer ( VIC )

PGDip Psychology / Personal Trainer
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome
Hi, I’m Kimberley (Kim). I have a strong passion for all things health, with a particular interest in connecting the brain and the body through food, movement, and mindfulness.  Aside from being a personal trainer I am currently completing a post-graduate degree in Psychology and look forward to integrating my knowledge of physical and mental health to support those I work with be the best version of themselves. 

With this in mind, I was so impressed when I found out about Jeremy’s Time 2 Train program and was very eager to become part of the team.  When meeting me, you can expect a fun, kind, easy-going, empathetic person who will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is the best it can be. I am absolutely honored to have the opportunity to work with young people with ASD/Asperger’s to achieve their goals, to help them develop valuable life skills, and to grow throughout their journey.

Time 2 Train , Autism Asperger Trainer Specialists

Specialising in all ages on the Autism Spectrum Aspergers Syndrome

Rebecca Nidorff ( VIC )

Trainer | Councillor | Art Therapist
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome
My background has been working with children within a trauma context. I have a Masters in Art Therapy and Counselling, and a diploma in Sandplay as well as other specialist therapeutic training, which I hope to bring to my sessions to create a warm and safe environment to help children grow.

I was delighted when Jeremy asked me to join his amazing team of passionate trainers, as I am particularly interested in the relationship between the body and the mind – as well as how movement and body awareness can help to heal us in ways that traditional talk therapies are unable to do alone. The incorporation of physical movement into the therapeutic process allows me to support clients in a stable, safe, and regulated way within a "wholistic" framework that can be tailored to each individuals’ needs.

I am honored to be part of this specialist program, and hope to make my sessions as fun and creative as possible to help each individual achieve their goals.

Jessica Potts ( NSW )
( Currently On Break )

Health, Fitness Instructor | Personal Trainer
specialising in children with Asd/Aspergers Syndrome

Hi I’m Jessica, 27 years old and have worked in the health & fitness industry for 3 years now. I have excellent knowledge and experience when it comes to all things regarding health, fitness and wellbeing.


I enjoy motivating myself to stay fit to which has helped me overcome challenges and now enjoy helping others do the same.

Over the years I have gained more experience through volunteering and was formally a group/personal trainer and fitness supervisor on the side was doing my own personal training. I came across Jeremy’s program helping individuals on the autism spectrum late last year whilst planning my next career move.

I reached out to Jeremy to discuss the possibility of joining his wonderful team as I am passionate to make a difference for families and their loved ones on the spectrum through exercise and fitness.

Josie Wolfram ( VIC )

Behaviour Specialist | Counsellor
Specialising in all ages with ASD/Aspergers Syndrome
Hi there everyone, My name is Josie Wolfram and I am a qualified Counsellor/ Behaviour Therapist working in private practice, as well as with the NDIS, with extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults with mental, intellectual and physical disabilities.

I am passionate about assisting people to reach their full potential and I'm proud to be part of the Time 2 Train Team. My aim is to incorporate experience from my profession in psychology / behavioural background, to allow individuals and their families to achieve the full benefits of the Time 2 Train program.